If you were around Chester around 2005, Tina Johnson was involved in a lot of community activity in an effort to thwart food insecurity. She founded Chester’s first food co-op downtown and made a run for State Rep.

She hasn’t been seen around Chester much lately as she’s made Washington D.C. and a fancy European location her home while pursuing passion projects that have an impact on many.

I read this blurb on Tina on an introduction to an online interview:

Tina Johnson is the director of the National Black Environmental Justice Network and is Principal of Johnson Strategy & Development Consultants, which works with a broad international network including groups from Europe and the U.S, top NGOs, governments, international foundations, and businesses. She specializes in U.S. and international Climate Change Policy, diplomacy, international climate change strategic development and advocacy. Tina’s work investigates domestic and international policies and issues around climate justice, sustainability, economics, energy, and climate change. 


Join me as Tina Johnson and I catch up on what she’s been up to since leaving Chester in an interview on Making a Change Group Live.