About 50 folks braved the damp cool day and rallied on the steps of the Delaware County Court House to voice their displeasure of the direction the Chester-Upland School District is headed.

School district advocates, State Senators, teachers, Delco Resist, and a few other supporters from across the county took turns expressing their views of Chester schools heading toward privatization or a complete charter school take over.

The setting outside the courtroom building seemed to be directed to the Court of Common Pleas judge who is ruling over the process no one seems satisfied with.

The absence of Chester Upland School Board members, Chester government officials, Chester-Upland School District parents and students implies they all have thrown their hands in the air and will accept the fate of the district, wherever it may land. It’s sad to see people give up like this, but I guess the feeling of hopelessness is overwhelming and most people have just lost their appetite to fight for the school district.