I guess it was something about the headline that caught my eye – ‘New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo draws bipartisan ire for withholding data on nursing home deaths’ – so I decided to read the article. I kept reading the article waiting to get to the common sense moment that never came. 

The Washington Post writes…

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) faces a mounting political firestorm over allegations his office hid the coronavirus’s true toll in the state’s nursing homes, with new disclosures this week triggering demands for a criminal probe and bipartisan calls for him to be stripped of his emergency powers in the pandemic.

The New York Governor is accused of downplaying a key part of the coronavirus’s deadly toll in New York by withholding data on nursing home residents who died of covid-19 in outside facilities, such as hospitals. 

Wow. Why would he do such a thing? It didn’t take but a couple paragraphs in to learn…

…a top Cuomo aide told lawmakers on Wednesday they feared the coronavirus data would be “used against us.” 

Okay. So we learn here that if the real death toll from nursing homes got out, the Governor and them would look like bad guys because they should have been able to do something more to prevent the deaths, or something. 

The situation is so dire…

…the Justice Department has “immediately opened an obstruction of justice investigation” into Cuomo and his administration, decrying an “intentional and unconscionable coverup impacting thousands of our most vulnerable residents.”

I guess that’s the right thing to do. 

Yet, from the beginning of the pandemic, municipalities, counties, states, health departments, hospitals, clinics, the CDC, and so on, were, and still are, not keeping count of people of color who have died from COVID-19 for whatever reason – or for no reason at all.

Experts have claimed from the beginning that accurate data on the impact COVID-19 was having on black and brown folks was scant, but for those places that did collect some kind of data, the evidence was confirmed from the number of black and brown people being cared for in intensive care units and passing through funeral homes that black and brown folks are getting crushed by COVID. 

This shoddy data collection continues today with the seeming inability, desire, or outright neglect to track how many black and brown folks are getting vaccines. Evidence show far more white folks are getting vaccines than black folks, but, for some reason, getting hard fast data with real numbers to back that up is not available because not everyone thinks it’s important or necessary to collect that data or share that data even if it is collected. 

But the poor Governor of New York becomes the scape goat for all this bad data science going on in America. 

Give me a –insert expletive– break!