I met Rev. Otis Evans when I was in 2nd grade as his son, Michael, and I became schoolmates and lifelong friends. 

For years, Michael and I were inseparable as we both attended Media Friends and Archmere Academy and played a lot of basketball on the court in his backyard and in the Archmere gym. Mike was the best man in my first marriage. 

Rev. Evans was always laid back but firm and cool but calculated. He’s a man with a sneaky sense of humor and always one to share his wisdom and insights. And, he was a great cook. 

Rev. Evans hit the big 100-year-old mark yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited. He was defiantly one of my father figures growing up. When I’d ride my bike around town and see him sitting in the back yard, I’d pull over and chat with him hoping he’d drop another dime of wisdom or a funny joke. He never disappointed.