The well respected Forbes magazine offered a comprehensive historic perspective of the Chester-Upland School District in a January 15, 2021 article written by their senior education contributor.

There’s far too much content for me to summarize in a blog post so I encourage you to hit the link if you’re interested in the details.

There’s a couple passages that resonate with me. One has to do with my regular solution to this mess…

Delaware County school district lines could be redrawn to end the history of de facto segregation.

The other is obvious in its premise but still questionable in its outcome…

…when the state, rather than aiding it, allows it to be picked over and fed upon by private for-profit businesses, it suffers even more, creating the possibility of a community that is no longer able to fulfill the promise of a free public education for all of its children.

We all wish a magic wand could be waved to improve the education in Chester. One thing is for certain, something has to be done to reverse the cycle of failure the schools continue to produce.