According to the local paper today, Chester County Sheriff Fredda Maddox on Monday vigorously defended her decision to take a position as police chief at Cheyney University last month, and insisted she could have performed both jobs to the fullest extent possible despite the demands of being on duty full-time at both the campus and the county Justice Center.

Sheriff Maddox doesn’t owe anyone any explanation why she’s justified to work two jobs. Those idiot, dim witted, clueless, ignorant, hating individuals who are bothered by her employment situation need to get back to their own jobs and leave the sheriff alone. 

I was disappointed my defending blog post in support of her dual employment as Chester County sheriff and Cheyney University chief of police was met with only one comment. 

I’d expect a whole bunch of people and organizations would step up and let the idiots, dim wits, clueless and ignorant ones who have a problem know that black women (and black men, and many other people) work two or three or four jobs in America. 

Maybe I’m delusional, but in my mind’s eye I see multiple chapters of Alpha Kappa Alphas, Delta Sigma Thetas, Zeta Phi Betas, and Sigma Gamma Rhos, along with a large cadre of black and brown women who may find the time to get off one of their job to lead a march on Cheyney University’s campus with Sheriff Fredda Maddox in tow demanding the university reject her resignation and rehire her as chief of campus police. Where’s the Links, National Council of Negro Women, NAACP, Urban League, and National Coalition of 100 Black Women?

Because she resigned her post at the school on Jan. 6 after getting questions from a reporter about her decision to pursue the chief’s job while continuing on as sheriff, and her position of not wanting to bring Cheyney into a mess of negative media, it’s all pure bullshit. 

Why does Sheriff Maddox feel she should cower to those idiots, dim wits, clueless and ignorant reporters, former political opponents, and other haters? As I assumed in Part 1, in today’s paper she confirmed she’s worked more than 2 jobs most of her career; the sheriff position is a part time job; and she did nothing illegal. 

And, what must the students, especially the female students of Cheyney be thinking. ‘They’ can just pressure a black women out of a job she qualified to do and no other group of black women has her back – just that little ole blogger from Chester is stepping up? Is that the what the world of work has been reduced to for black women?

I’m disgusted on so many levels right now.