A couple weeks ago it appeared Chester’s Mayor wasn’t happy with Chester’s Receiver and Chester approved a budget different than the one proposed by the Receiver. Today, from the Municipal Financial Recovery Advisory Committee meeting, we learned the budget approved by the City was indeed a collaboration between the City and the Receiver. 

During the meeting, the Mayor thanked the Receiver and their team for working with the City and the hard work to get the balanced budget complete. They worked together in cooperation and he looks forward to working together to ‘make sure they can collectively put Chester back on financial ground.’

Seems a tad unusual that so much time would pass with no mention the information in my posts may have been incorrect referring to the two budgets seemingly millions of dollars apart and feelings among the City toward the Receiver not being too cordial. 

Since the local papers and their reporters aren’t covering Chester’s financial news, we only have these Receiver meetings and City Council meetings to refer to.

I’d like to direct any readers of these blog posts to the comment section where you can make any comments or corrections to anything I write. I also post my phone number and email on the front page of the blog if leaving comments aren’t your thing.

I’ll continue to do my best to share what we learn from these public forums and will monitor the comment section for updates from anyone who may have something to add or correct in the posts. Otherwise, misinformation will continue to out there to be consumed.