MLK Day 2021 is happening January 18, 2021 in Chester, Pennsylvania with another powerful project brought to you by The Chester Housing Authority and New Integration Accommodations.  Registration is open now and space may be limited due to social distancing protocols. Your organization, your family, your friends and your company will not want to miss this exciting event so sign up now.

Respond with your name, organization or company if applicable and a phone number so we can contact you directly. Time is short but with effective communication, we’ll pull this project off in amazing fashion.

So what are we doing? We’re honoring the legacy of The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by creating the longest plastic bag rope ever! Our aim is create miles of plastic rope across Pennsylvania’s first city. We call this activity “Six Feet of Freedom!”

How does this work?

We’re asking individuals, companies and organizations to immediately start collecting single-use plastic bags. These are the bags that you might have in your closet, at your office or even in your car. Collect as many of these bags as possible and start tying them into individual six-foot strands. Make as many individual six-foot strands as possible and be prepared to bring them with you January 18, 2021. (Hint: ask your neighbors for bags; they have them, too.)

When you get to your assigned location on MLK Day in Chester, you will be joined by dozens of volunteers who will also have their six-foot plastic bag strands. Keeping six feet apart, we are going to connect and stretch these strands of plastic bags from one end of Chester to the other end of Chester.

What does this have to do with Dr. King?

Dr. King frequently talked about the need to curb our materialism. He understood that if we wanted a clean and healthy planet, we need to stop creating so much waste. Plastic bags are dangerous to our environment and we need to stop using them. Our message will be seen all across Chester, the city where Dr. King attended Crozer Theological Seminary and the city where a lot of trash creates a lot of pollution.

You can bet there will be media coverage and a lot of talk about our event. We strongly encourage your group to design and display creative posters during our event. Find health quotes from Dr. King and proudly display them while you participate in Six Feet of Freedom.

The first 500 volunteers will receive a free reusable shopping bag with Dr. King’s image printed on the panels. Volunteers will also receive a gift certificate redeemable at one of Chester’s most popular businesses.

Plan to join us in Chester January 18, 2021 for Six Feet of Freedom. The activity will begin at 9AM, ending somewhere around 11AM. All children under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by adults at all times.

Event Address: Various locations, Chester, PA 19013, to be assigned
Contact us at (267) 318-0117 (Ulysses) or