Today, the first Monday of 2021, Chester adds 100 new COVID-19 cases for the 9th week in a row. The county’s last count was on New Year’s Eve and Chester had 1,898 cases so we probably hit 1,900 on New Year’s Day but no one was counting. The latest count came out today with Chester clocking 1,933 cases, 3rd highest in Delaware County.

Now that we’re tracking our cases with Haverford Township, we see from the chart below how Haverford is outpacing Chester in number of cases per week but is still behind Chester in percentage of population (Haverford 4% vs Chester 5.7%).

We’re definitely at that point that everyone knows someone personally who has, or has had, COVID if we haven’t had it ourself. Free testing is still going on at Everest Urgent Care (Silvercare Campus) on 9th and Wilson.