Ever since I was a little boy and the only way from Chester to Philly was Industrial Highway, when we drove past Boeing my face was hanging out the car window in awe. As a kid not having a clue what Boeing was, the pre-engineer in me was in awe at big industry on both sides of the road for nearly a mile. Today, my awe is its size and the huge number of people they employ and the helicopters they build for the military.

My high school sweetheart’s dad worked at Boeing. In all these years, I’ve met one or two people who have worked there but Mr. Willis was the only person I really knew at Boeing. It wasn’t a place we went for school field trips and the Boeing folks never visited either of the high schools I attended. I figured they don’t hire many Chester people and that’s the way it is.

Today, a 30-year Boeing employee from Chester is in the Delaware County Daily Times because she’s filed a racial discrimination suit. I read the article and immediately recalled so many instances in my corporate life that discrimination was common in the workplace. Only once did I make an attempt to file a suit and I instantly found how difficult it is for attorneys to take these cases and for EEOC and the Human Rights Commission to allow you to file these cases. There’s got to be real hardcore evidence and an almost guaranteed chance of winning a racial discrimination suit before the legal wheels even start moving.

Honestly, her story is so routine that I read it and moved on wishing her good luck and believing she wouldn’t have taken it this far if she wasn’t finally fed up with the workplace shenanigans. The only thing that has me circling back to this article was a comment on this blog from a former Boeing employee who was disturbed by the normal ignorant comments on the delcotimes.com article.

I went back and read the comments and it’s the same ole people coming up with the same ole tropes like Race Card, Reverse Racism, Underperforming Malcontent, Black chip on her shoulder, etc.

The fact that she found a lawyer that will take the case and the EEOC and Human Rights Commission both agreed to do a filing means she has the hardcore facts to make a case.

Hopefully they can settle and she can retire from there with some dignity left.