I’m not a TV guy, so when my phone started blowing up with text messages, I knew something was urgent. I didn’t pick up the phone right away but I heard this guy yelling and screaming out in the street and horns were blowing.

My first thought was the guy was in distress. I stepped out the door and he was holding one of the 30 Biden-Harris signs I purchased for everyone on my block. As traffic passed, they were honking and waving at him.

Dude is marching alone up and down the sidewalk in total glee. Some of the stuff he’s chanting has the lil old ladies sitting on their front porches giggling like little girls:

  • We gonna sleep easier tonight!
  • Let’s get those stimulus checks out!
  • Momma won’t get no sex tonight – I’ll be too damn tired!

I think a good hunk of the country, if not the world, just breathed a sigh of relief.