They’re careful not to call it a campaign stop. Joe Biden and crew snuck into downtown Chester, PA yesterday afternoon to speak to his campaign volunteers.

Folks started blowing up my phone when his visit appeared live on CNN. They all asked if I was there. They also said that if I was there I must be way off camera because all they see is white folks.

You can tell those calls all came from my out of town friends because folks around here already know I’d be the last told if someone as important as presidential candidate Joe Biden was coming to Chester. My little audience (you guys reading this right now) wouldn’t be interested in me having an opportunity to report on his visit or to ask a few questions.

Speaking of questions, in one of the rarest of rare times, I have to agree with Fox News when they report how the national reporters who follow Biden around always ask softball questions. Yesterday, in Chester they asked him these questions:

“You’ve kept a relatively light public schedule in the past few days, can you give us a sense of how much you’ll be traveling in the next few days?” 

“Are you confident enough with your standing in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan? Are you expanding the map by traveling to Iowa?”

“You said as part of your commission you would look into how long justices serve on the court. Does that mean you’re open to term limits?”

Biden was also asked to weigh in on the White House event that is being held in honor of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who is expected to be confirmed and sworn in as a Supreme Court justice, earlier in the day, in light of the last event held on the White House grounds to commemorate Barrett’s nomination, which has been widely referred to as a super-spreader event. 

If I had a shot to ask a few questions, it would have gone something like this…

“JB, look around, you’re in Chester, PA where we need to know just three things.”

  1. Our little city has over 30 homicides to date. What will you do to help stop illegal guns from flooding our community?
  2. Our little city has the 2nd highest COVID-19 cases in Delaware County and the case count is rising faster than any municipality in the county. How would you help our local government officials and health bureau control this outbreak?
  3. Our little city is the only city in Pennsylvania in financial receivership. Explain how you would spur economic development in Chester in the next 5-years.

It wasn’t a campaign stop so there was no interest in rounding up a bunch of locals to hear him speak or corralling a slew of cars for one of those horn honking drive-by events.

The Delaware County Daily Times reported a group of people from the Philadelphia Nazarene Narrative was out there singing hymns and Rev. Owen Gowans, one of the pastors on hand from Philly said, “We’re praying to help stop the violence in the city.”

Maybe after he becomes president, he won’t be so rushed and can spend a little time with us Chester folks, getting to know us and answering our questions. Despite popular belief, Chester has church choirs and pastors who we’d love for him to meet.

We don’t bite.