If you live in Chester, you probably have some opinion about the Covanta trash incinerator. Or, maybe you don’t have an opinion. Maybe you should have an opinion. Maybe you don’t know enough about the trash incinerator to have an intelligent opinion. Maybe you want to learn more about it. Maybe you just don’t want to know a thing about it.

Some think the trash incinerator is the cause of the high number children with asthma and others link it to the high rate of cancer in Chester. Some go along with our local politicians who once sent me a press release that said…‘This administration has turned companies such as Covanta into our partners instead of our adversaries. We work together to bring about a healthier Chester.’ Some have tried to convince Covanta to add the same pollution controls on the Chester site that they have at all their other sites, but Covanta says it’s too expensive and not needed. Some can’t fathom the prospect of the city losing out on the nearly $5 million Covanta contributes to the city budget each year. Some are disappointed at the number of jobs held by Chester residents. Some can’t see anybody in their right mind wanting to bring new development to the Chester waterfront with Covanta’s trash incinerator right next door. Some can’t stand the smell of Covanta on their bad days. Some hate the hundreds of trucks that go in an out of Covanta everyday bringing tons of trash from multiple states to be burned in Chester. Some want to see Covanta put a dumpster on their site for Chester folks to bring bulk trash. Some never see Covanta doing community work.

And then there’s the group that just wants Covanta to go away.

Below is information to join a discussion with the folks that want Covanta to go away. They have been successful in stopping trash incineration in other areas and look to reform a working group of local individuals and organizations to come together to form a strategy that will successfully addresses trash incineration in Chester and Delaware County.

Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living (CRCQL, or “circle”) is hosting a campaign launch meeting on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020 at 7pm on Zoom to discuss environmental justice in Delaware County and how to end trash incineration at the Covanta facility, the largest incinerator in the nation and the worst air polluter in the Philadelphia region.

In this informational launch meeting, learn about the Covanta trash incinerator on the Chester waterfront and its toxic health hazards, the justice campaign, and how you can help.

Listen to what groups in Camden, Philly, and Baltimore are doing to fight off trash incineration and demand clean air in their communities. Learn how we are promoting job opportunities in Zero Waste and developing long-term solutions to waste management throughout the county.

Black communities are the most impacted by COVID-19 and incinerator pollution is making the problem much worse. Incineration and air pollution are directly linked to health problems, like cancer and asthma, environmental racism and climate change.

Chester is being dumped on by trash from NYC, New Jersey and Philadelphia- and as far as Connecticut and North Carolina. The people of Chester are paying for the trash problems of the region with their lives. Let’s stand together to end toxic trash incineration and environmental racism in Chester!

Thursday, Oct 29th @ 7:00 PM
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Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/304877410743898/