With elections taking on a new look and feel in 2020, Chester became ground zero for voter drama this weekend.

The big story was at the big venue that got big news and attracted the big politicians. Subaru Park (aka the Philadelphia Union stadium) hosted a voting center equipped for large groups of people to register, request a mail-in ballot, fill out a ballot, submit a completed ballot, and accommodate those who already filled out their ballots to drop them off in a secure drop box.

The big news about that event was the effort by a few folks to shut the event down, but the judge didn’t let that happen. The congresswoman for the area and a state senator from next-door dropped by to drop off their ballots. Wouldn’t it be high drama if there’s a winning appeal to the judges ruling and the congresswoman and state senator would have to fill out another ballot? Let’s hope it doesn’t get that petty.

On the other side of town – or, as we say in Chester, ‘Overtown’ – Chester City Hall, who is hosting a satellite voting center, is where I dropped off my ballot yesterday. There were folks registering, filling out ballots, and dropping them off, all at the same time. The set up was well staffed and easy to navigate.

You have until tomorrow to register and a few more days to request a ballot. If you’re in Chester, you can do it all at Chester City Hall and be done with it, keeping you free from the polling places on Election Day. If you just want to head to the polls on November 3 to cast your vote, go right ahead. Just remember, if you requested a mail-in ballot, you can not vote at the machine until the election worker cancels out your mail-in ballot. And, you can’t bring your mail-in ballot to the polling place. There will not be a drop box there.

Other than all that, it’s business as usual. Register and vote.

Chester satellite voting center in City Hall