I figured I’d step out of quarantine for a few minutes and drop off my ballot at the Chester satellite voting center at City Hall. And then all this happened…

All I came out the house to do was to submit my ballot

First, just as I parked, Jim Turner passes by and parks up the street. I catch up with him and he’s come Overtown to drop off his ballot at city hall just like me. We chat it up on our way to city hall and when we walked out, I was reminded that Jonathan Abdur-Rahim King was having his grand opening. Jim and I headed over to check it out.

On the way there we run right into the artist known as Alloyius who is finishing off an awesome new mural. We get to Rahim’s where there’s a world-wind of activity going on. Next thing I know I’m dragged to a green screen to do and interview with Amanda and thrown against a wall to be photographed by YesGod.

I ran out of there only to see a bevy of beautiful women across the street at Edith Blackwell’s boutique where the music is slammin’. I mosey over there and find she’s having a fashion show.

I ran out of there and saw Connie Irvin selling jewelry on the block. I peeked inside MJ Freed and saw Greg Irvin taking fashion photos of the ladies coming out of Edith’s boutique. I figured I deserve more photos so I stepped on the backdrop and had Greg take some flicks of me since I’m all in the way anyway.

I ran out of there and stopped in to say hi to Kenny Picaso Hunt and took in the new Art Monsters that adorned the gallery.

I ran out of there and back to where Rahim was about to cut the ribbon.

Man, what an adventure when you cast your vote in Chester.