Dr. Jordan B. Smith is an associate history professor at Widener University who I will be interviewing on ‘The Friday Edition’ this morning (Friday, Oct 16 – 10am) on the Making A Change Group FacebookLive broadcast –https://www.facebook.com/TeamMacGroup

He invited me to speak to his class a couple weeks ago to chat with them about an important project on mid-20th century Chester they are doing. It will show how Widener is connecting their students to the community and it will hopefully help identify people who can help contribute Chester history to their project. 

Below is how Professor Smith describes the project:

This fall, I am teaching a public history course called “Practices in Public History: History and Memory in Chester.” The class mixes lessons in the best practices of oral history, museum studies, and historical interpretation with student research into the twentieth-century history of Chester. We hope to eventually create a travelling museum exhibit that can be a community resource. Students have read Chris Mele’s ‘Race and the Politics of Deception’ and are preparing to conduct research in the George Raymond Papers and a set of oral histories that were collected from Chester residents in the 1970s. They are also hard at work choosing specific topics to focus their research and analysis on. Students are currently showing the most interest in researching education in Chester (especially desegregation), the McClure Machine, how I-95 bisected the city, and housing (redlining and white flight). While some students in the class have personal connections to Chester, I think that it is important for them to hear from residents who have thought about how Chester’s history and culture is and should be represented by non-community members. 

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