You don’t have to dig too deep to discover how few people in Chester City vote on election day unless a guy named Barack is on the ballot. The percentage of registered Chester voters who cast a vote is far far lower than in any other place in the county. And, the percentage of eligible Chester voters who are registered is also far far lower than in any other place in the county. 

Voter suppression in Chester City is self imposed – we really don’t need any outside help. Chester candidates feature the same cast of characters, so no one around here is excited to vote when there’s no one to oppose them.

Today’s Delaware County Daily Times featured an article that introduces us to a group of people in the county that will thwart any effort made to increase the number of voters in Chester City even if their facts don’t add up. 

Here’s a brief overview of the suppression drama…

There’s going to be a registration and mail-in voting event this weekend at Subaru Park, the professional soccer stadium in Chester. The advantage to having it a such a big place is the opportunity to bring groups of people to register and submit their mail-in ballots. There’s already a satellite election office at Chester City Hall that will be open up until election day, but that location isn’t a target. It’s this weekend on the soccer pitch that has the suppressionist all excited. They took the election bureau to court but the judge said the event will not be stopped (with a caveat). 

In newspaper language, it goes like this…

On Friday, a group of Delaware County citizens including Mark Carroll, Jodi Diamond, Matthew Dadich, Stephanie Leone, Gloria Brazell, Karen Elliot, Wendy Willauer and Leah Hoopes filed a request for an emergency injunction against the Delaware County Board of Elections and the county Bureau of Elections as they cited a violation of the Sunshine Act as the motion to approve the three-day event was not a listed item on the Oct. 7 Board of Elections agenda. County Common Pleas Court Judge Spiros E. Angelos Jr. issued an order denying the request for an emergency injunction, allowing the event to go forward.

There’s a huge part of me that wonders why go through the effort of trying to stop people in Chester from participating in the voting process when they’ve historically proven they have  little interest in the voting process. Wouldn’t their time and effort be better placed in maximizing the turnout in the communities that support their candidates since those people in those communities vote in great numbers? It’s almost looking like there’s more people trying to stop the Chester vote than there are people trying to get Chester people to vote. 

I love this line from County Republican leader TomMcGarrigle…

“Democrats on Delaware County Council…are improperly attempting to influence the election by boosting turnout in specific geographic locations with high concentrations of registered Democratic voters,” he said in a statement. 

Dude. Have you actually looked at the number of people who are registered and who show up to vote in Chester? Maybe one day Chester will wake up and recognize the power their vote has if they came out in big numbers, but you’re barking up the wrong tree if you think these little bit of votes out of Chester are going to make a difference. But, I guess every little vote counts. He goes on to say… 

Their decision to setup a pop-up voting location in the one municipality that has the highest percentage of registered Democrats reeks of electioneering. 

No, trying to stop a low represented voting class of people from participating in the voting process is electioneering. In fact, I think you may find this little action will backfire on you when Chester folks come to realize the extent you’ll go to stop the vote in Chester. I know Chester folks and I know they don’t take to kindly to anyone coming into their city telling them what they can’t do. It may not matter in this election, but just wait. You’re about to see a surge in registrations and voting participation out of Chester that will make your head spin. 

If anyone thinks that Subaru Park is going to be run over with Chester folks fighting and clawing to register and fill out ballots, you’re delusional. For those of you who do go down there, just know that your vote may not count when it’s all said and done, because the judge says…

“As expressed at hearing, this court is concerned that votes may be collected at the City of Chester mobile voter service on Oct. 15, 16 and 17, 2020 which may be subject to further appellate review due to this Order,” Angelos wrote. “The Delaware County Board of Elections and counsel for the parties shall attempt to prepare for any such proceeding and secure if necessary the ballots produced at the mobile voter service center.”

In other words, the judge’s decision can be appealed and changed. 

Y’all crazy!