The Chestorians is a newly formed group of men passionate about creating a better Chester City. Yesterday, they gathered for a mixer at Larimer Beer Company to introduce themselves and their vision to some of the people heading organizations they intend to partner with. 

Due to social distance accommodations, there were a limited number of invited guests, many of whom stopped by for some portion of the afternoon gathering. The highlight of the event was a presentation by the Chestorian officers which described the mission, goals, and objectives of the organization. 

In attendance were representatives from Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon’s office, the State Rep’s office, the Delaware County District Attorney’s office, Chester City government, the Chester police department, some of the other community organizations, and several of the Chestorian trustees and advisors. 

The event can only be described as an overwhelming success as evidenced by the connections that were made, the professionalism of the presentation, and the excellent accommodations by The Larimer in being the host location. 

Expect to see more from the Chestorians as they begin to execute their plans and amplify their presence in the community.