West Chester’s local officials have become increasingly concerned about the rising Covid-19 case numbers and behavior in that area. Mayor Dianne Herrin declared a COVID-19 state of emergency last week. She said the seven-day emergency was declared to “improve our government’s ability to manage novel coronavirus transmission in our community.”

I’ve been tracking Chester City’s Covid-19 data from the same source the West Chester data comes from and was curious how they compare hoping to find some justification why West Chester needs a state of emergency when Covid-19 cases have been popping off the cart in Chester City. (West Chester is in Chester County with a population of 20k and Chester City is in Delaware County with a population of 33k).

Here’s what the data says:

# of Cases 

  • 517 West Chester vs 869 Chester City (352 more cases for Chester)

# of Deaths

  • 19 West Chester vs 36 Chester City (17 more deaths for Chester)

% of Population 

  • 2.58% West Chester vs 2.56% Chester City (same % of population catching Covid-19)

What do you think will be Chester City’s trigger to take action on limiting the rise of Covid-19 cases in the city? How many people took advantage of the month of free Covid-19 testing at City Hall? How many new cases were discovered from those tests? 

Should we even expect answers to these question? Besides being in a state of denial, Chester City is in a state of silence. 

Stay safe.