2020 is the summer to forget, but with only a couple official weekends of summer remaining, Chester folks are going to make sure we get it all in before it’s time to rotate the closet again.

Here’s a rundown of September 12, 2020 in America’s #1 Vacation Destination – Chester, Pennsylvania 19013.


Clearly, this was the place to be seen. Beautiful cars, beautiful people, and funnel cake. Isn’t that what life’s all about? The lot was full of spectacular vehicles of every vintage. Even if you aren’t a car guy, like me, you couldn’t help but to ooo and ahhh at the whip artistry.

Chef Lamont’s Jammy Jam

Say hello to Mr. Giveback himself, Chef Lamont. His full time occupation is to feed people and make sure the children are having safe fun. His family friendly event at the old Lamokin Street train stop was the place to be for a free plant giveaway, free school bookbags, free slides on the moon bounce, and free food. And Chef Lamont still found time to work the 1s & 2s providing the music.

Chef Reeky’s Grand Opening

And the other place to be seen was Chef Reeky’s grand opening. Folks were all over the place trying to get some of that outdoor bar-b-q and find a spot in the restaurant to get a social distanced seat to try his great menu.

Chester Pirates Fastpitch Softball

These guys have been playing fast pitch softball in Eyre Park for years. This summer is no exception. I think it’s a Hispanic softball league but since I don’t know a syllable of the Spanish language I can’t ask. But, boy, do they play hard.

Couple more from the Car Show

This one here was on a whole different level. I just happened to be walking by and there were a few guys already standing around when…OMG! I know I jumped back at least 2-feet. I’m not sure if it was from the sonic blast or just plain ole fright. The sound of music that came out of that vehicle right there was ridiculous. The folks over at BiAmp (Community Loud Speaker) need to seek out the owner of this vehicle because what he was blasting from that thing could easily be heard a mile away – and it was crystal clear. Grown ass men were shaking their heads and stepping back in total respect for the force of sound exploding from that vehicle.