Pat Robinson may not have a church in Chester City, but Chester just became the 2nd municipality to join the 700 Club of COVID-19 cases in Delaware County. 

It took exactly one month to jump from 600 to 700 COVID-19 cases in Chester City since the outbreak began. All this talk about numbers going down everywhere else has not caught up to Chester yet. 

With 100 new Chesterites getting COVID-19 in the past month, chances are they have been exposed to others who could likely get infected. The testing sites coming to Chester City Hall and ChesPenn Health Services should get a good workout if only the people in contact with folks with COVID-19 take advantage of the testing. 

Speaking of testing at Chester City Hall, in a roundabout random exchange, I learned that it is UnitedHeathcare who is bringing COVID-19 testing to City Hall this month. A press release to explain that would have been nice so guys like me aren’t left guessing. Don’t expected me to take for granted the testing folks are legitimate. (You know how our people don’t eat everybody’s potato salad).

I am so happy a health insurance company has finally come to their senses and is doing the right thing by providing free COVID-19 testing in a place like Chester particularly when you consider…

UnitedHealth Group registered more than $6.6 billion in profits in the second quarter — by far the conglomerate’s highest quarterly profit ever, according to an analysis of company financial data from FactSet.

These companies, that already earn billions of dollars of profit each quarter, have doubled their profits thanks to COVID-19 because they haven’t been paying out claims since none of us are going to the doctor or getting those elective surgeries. 

Doing COVID-19 testing for free is the least the UnitedHealthcares of the United States should be doing right about now. 

From a UnitedHeath Group news release dated July 15…

  • Second quarter 2020 net earnings and adjusted net earnings per share of $6.91 and $7.12 were substantially higher than anticipated due primarily to the unprecedented, temporary deferral of care in the Company’s risk-based businesses. 
  • During the second quarter of 2020, UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) expanded its COVID-19 response efforts, proactively supporting patients, customers, care providers and communities, including investing in outreach programs and clinical innovations to address the urgent needs of underserved communities disproportionately impacted by the disease.
  • Building on years of investments in support of advancing health equity, the Company invested another $100 million in affordable housing to address homelessness and led numerous additional efforts to increase the availability of testing and treatment for COVID-19, including establishing more than 500 testing centers in underserved communities, deploying free COVID-19 mobile and local testing sites, health and safety kits, and education and outreach resources to underserved communities. The Company is also leading innovative clinical research to study the elevated risks and treatment options for COVID-19 associated with health conditions that disproportionately impact minority populations. 

UnitedHealth Group offers a broad spectrum of products and services through two distinct platforms: UnitedHealthcare, which provides health care coverage and benefits services; and Optum, which provides information and technology-enabled health services.