With close to 700 COVID-19 cases, 35 deaths, and only two public COVID-19 testing sessions in Chester City to date these 5-months, two organizations will be offering testing in Chester for the month of September and beyond.

Chester City Hall starts a multi-week/multi-day testing on Wednesday, September 9 and ChesPenn Health Services may have already started a multi-day testing.

Chester City Hall

1 East 4th Street

September 9 – October 2nd

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday from 9AM – 4PM

No appointment needed


ChesPenn 125 East 9th Street
Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:30am – 11:30am – no start or end date listed
Appointment needed: 610.471.0279
(their website is not up to date with this new testing information)

Questions You Should Ask

Q: What’s this noninvasive COVID-19 test Chester City is performing?

A: Probably a saliva test (spit in a cup) as opposed to the invasive swab up the nose.

Q: Who is this Stop Covid-19 group doing the testing in Chester?

A: I’m pretty good with internet searches and I’m coming up with a blank on who they are, where they’re from, who runs the company, who funds them, other testings they conducted (I found a couple in Louisiana), and no information on what their noninvasive test is. I’m not even sure the name of the company. The only thing that keeps coming up on a deep dive is UnitedHeathcare.

Q: Is the Chester County Health Department involved in the selection of this testing set up?

Q: If you test positive for COVID-19, will your provider give you advice about what to do next?

A: Request an email if given the option.

Q: If you test negative for COVID-19, will your provider give you a physical letter stating you were negative? Many employers require a letter to prove you tested negative and will not accept the results delivered digitally or via an app. Request the email so you can print it out.