Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

Back in July I posted an invitation for Chester folks to list their business in a new directory of black owned businesses being put together by the folks in Swarthmore. I even reposted it (something I rarely do) because only one person responded the first time. I think about a half-dozen folks responded on the 2nd try. (The original post –

I was told some of the businesses didn’t reply when they reached out to confirm the information was correct before adding your business to the directory.

The directory went live today. Refer to it when you’re seeking a black owned business.

If you are a black owned business who might want to get in the directory, I’ll let you know when they are adding to the directory. I’m not sure what their plans are to expand the directory.

Shameless Plug…If you know someone looking to get a simple website built, you’ll find Stuffy The Web Guy in the directory. If you like my site, I’ll make one for you. For the first few clients to request a consultation, I’ll give you the ‘hook-up.’

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