Way back in a different time and day (February 17, 2020) I tried to encourage folks to get some of that Census money. Since then, a lot of people have lost their jobs and now their unemployment bonus dollars have dried up. 

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a few folks who could use a month of $19.50/hr now even if they didn’t need it then.

The Census folks are still looking for people to work Chester City. Apply at 2020census.gov/jobs. There’s a very good chance some overtime will be paid because Chester is proving to be a ‘hard-to-reach’ area with only 44% of the city having responded so far to the Census survey, and there’s some neighborhoods in Chester at a measly 34%.

The local Census folks seeks your input on large scale events in Chester that can get people filling out the Census survey. 

I’m told Reading, PA, another hard to reach area, has had Census Response Representatives from the whole 4 county area census office parked at various spots around the city with their blue standing banners at senior high rises, schools, parks, grocery stores, churches, etc., and got people to complete their forms on site while the mayor and other community leaders roll from location to location with some noise from fire trucks and police cars.

Is completing the Census in Chester serious enough to go to that measure around here? We’ll see!

No one showed up at Chester City Hall while I was there when the Census folks were hiring in February

Part 1 of Shouldn’t Chester residents do the Census count in Chester?https://wp.me/p2kkJO-6Uy