I don’t remember Walter ‘Master Blaster’ Jordan from my high school class but after my return to Chester and starting the paper in 2006 we connected for him to promote his shows.

We loved discovering things we had in common. Besides both being in the Class of 1978, we loved radio and I’d sit in the studio watching him broadcast from Widener University’s radio station for hours. We talked about how he never ever had enough listeners, enough tickets sold to his events, enough sponsors for his give-backs, and how it compared to me feeling I never had enough readers or feedback from them. Our birthday’s are in January and he’d always try to drag me into a birthday bash he throw every year for January folks which I never took him up on. 

I used to alway tease him about his voice that always sounded like he was mumbling when you talked to him in person but somehow it would smooth out into an awesome radio voice over the airwaves. I still don’t know how that happens. 

The guy just never stopped giving. He’d do talent shows, community parties, gospel shows and at each one he was handing folks plaques in recognition for something special they did. 

When I had a big party at Harrah’s for the Chester Spotlight paper and was burning through money to pay for food and entertainment, I had nothing left to pay for a DJ – and really didn’t need one with all the live entertainment lined up. Master Blaster brought his gear anyway, set up, and we danced until Harrah’s kicked us out – and he didn’t ask for a dime. 

And, he laughed at all my corny jokes. 

The most unique thing we had in common – that to this day I have yet to find another person who knows what I’m talking about – was our love for the Sony Minidisk. My first time at Widener’s studio I saw the big minidisk player on the console and I asked if he used it. It’s the same one I had at home. He said, ‘Yes, I love this thing!’ I was so excited that I wasn’t the only one the Sony Minidisk technology didn’t miss. 

If I ever attend another Chester High class reunion, I know there’s going to be a lot of great memories and long faces when we look over at the DJ table and not see Master Blaster over there. 

That was ma-man!

I’ve got a few Master Blaster videos on YouTube. Search ‘Master Blaster CCityblogger’ on YouTube.

If you’re curious what a Sony Minidisk is, check out this video https://youtu.be/lHwMWmTXziI. Just like that guy in the video, I still have and use my minidisks. What I didn’t realize is that my portable player is worth more now than what I paid for it new.