Clearly, the biggest news story of the day not named Laura was the Milwaukee Bucks refusing to play basketball yesterday leading to a ripple effect across all of the American sports franchises. Newspapers thrive on big stories because it’s the reason people buy your paper. 

The Delaware County Daily Times is blessed to have some of the best sports writers working at any newspaper in America. I’d go so far to say, as a group, their sports writers are better than their group of news writers. In fact, with the skeleton staff they’re left with, the sports writers have been called upon to write news stories which makes my point more valid. 

I subscribe to the Daily Times so I have every right to complain. I want to read what Terry Toohey, Matt DeGeorge, Matt Smith, Jack McCafferry, Harry Chaykun, or Bob Grotz have to say, not something from an Associated Press scrap bucket. It wasn’t like the story came in too late for today’s edition. The sports writers were just coming to work when the news broke yesterday afternoon.

How can the biggest news story of the day not be on the front or back page of any tabloid in America? I also subscribe to the Philly Inquirer and Daily News, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Only the Inquirer didn’t have a front page story, but it was on the front page of their sports section. The entire front page of the Philly Daily News is the walkout. 

To say I’m disappointed in today’s Daily Times is an understatement. I know the trouble you’re in as a business and for you to still be printing a paper everyday is a near miracle. I really don’t expect a lot from you with what you have to work with.

But today was a miss.