As Chester City fiddles with figuring out how to manage bulk trash, they partnered with Covanta, J&K Trash Removal, Delcora, and Chester Environmental Partnership to place dumpsters in select neighborhoods for 5-days this week and next. 

Maybe this week was a test to see if people will take advantage of dumpsters if made available. The results are in – people are filling the dumpsters. 

As soon as the one showed up at 8th and Lloyd, I comically lifted a full sized mattress on my vehicle’s hood and loaded the SUV with leftover stuff from past tenants. I returned early the next morning (day 2) and was met with another crew unloading a pickup truck as we both scavenged for whatever room we could find to avoid overfilling the dumpster. 

8th and Lloyd

It took nearly 24-hours to fill that dumpster and I was curious how the other dumpsters were handling the trash. They were all full. 

MLK Homes (they filled 2 dumpsters)

Although the flyer didn’t indicate how often the dumpsters would be emptied in those 5-days, it was clear on day-3 they’d just sit there full until this round of community dumping ended. 

13th and Keystone

Maybe next week they’ll empty the dumpsters on day- 2 or 3, bring them back, and allow others who may want to dump to have some room in an emptied dumpster.

12th and Culhane

As the lady in the pick-up truck said, ‘It’s a nice first step,’ but for obvious reasons this is no permanent solution. 

23rd & Townsend

A few issues are: 1) no matter how close to your home a dumpster is placed, a lot of people have no way to transport big items down the block without a truck; 2) it takes a little muscle to get items into a dumpster; and 3) dumpsters will never make it to every neighborhood which was a complaint before the first dumpster was placed. 

If I may offer a suggestion…place a dumpster at the incinerator for folks to bring their bulk trash on an ongoing basis. If most of it has to be transported to a dumpster, and the dumpsters have to be transported to the incinerator, just skip a step and bring it right to the incinerator. Wouldn’t that serve more people and be less expensive?