I lived in Brooklyn from 2000-2002 and was fired with a big severance check my last summer there that allowed me to enjoy New York City in style before moving on with my life. If the weather was nice, I didn’t hesitate to catch a train to Coney Island.

At that time, Coney Island was in an in-between stage. The heydays of Coney Island was long gone and the new look Coney Island was just starting to get built. They just landed a minor league baseball team and stadium, the train station was getting a facelift, and new high-rise condos were going up. For the most part, Coney Island was still a dump.

To their credit, they kept the beach nice. As long as I was looking out to the ocean, it was beautiful. As soon as I turned around, it was old grimy Coney Island again. I’d spend a couple hours luxuriating on the beach reading, sleeping, or bronzing, grab a Nathan’s hotdog and head back home – or to Prospect Park til dark.

Chester has a wonderful riverfront but we don’t keep it nice. That section from Edwards Street to Norris Street on the riverfront is like a jungle out there. The few trash cans in place are full and the benches along that stretch are surrounded with high grass.

You gotta really wanna go through all that

I ran into a couple guys who cleared a spot to do some fishing. As long as they were looking into the river, it was beautiful. As soon as they looked left or right, it was Chester.

See the 2 guys fishing down there to the left? Of course you don’t.

What a waste of a great place to hang out and enjoy America’s #1 Vacation Destination – Chester’s Riverfront.

There really is a beautiful river front down there