They say the house always wins which is exactly why places like Harrah’s Chester should consider a new game of chance I’m considering proposing that I consistently lose despite my best efforts. 

Trashman Roulette was conceived thanks to COVID-19 which has devastated the trash collection industry with an increased amount of trash to pickup, a decrease in the amount of workers on the streets, and municipalities without the money to fix the problem. Trashman Roulette could possibly raise enough money in a city like Chester to put another trash truck or two on the streets to get regular and bulk trash under control.

Here’s how to play. First, the Trashman Roulette wheel has two choices that’s broken up in 4 sections. Two to them say COMING  and the other two say NOT COMING. You place the money for your bet, spin the wheel, and where the wheel lands decides your choice. If you land on COMING and the trashman COMES on trashday, you win. Otherwise, the city gets to keep the money.

I’ve tested this game concept the last three weeks by using my actual trashcans as the bet. Each week I’ve taken my best guess whether the trashman was going to come on trashday or not and each week I’ve been wrong. Week 1 & 3 I bet he was coming and he didn’t. Week 2 I bet he wasn’t coming and he did. 

With those results, I conclude this game is eligible to be considered by the Pennsylvania Gambling Commission for play at our local casino to add to the money that helps prop our city up.

Will someone forward this post to the receiver!