The Grobes emailed a question to Chester City Council expressing their disappointment that residents of the Nova Vista community – who are mostly all homeowners and tax payers – are subject to purchasing parking permits to park in their community. They also question why the purchase of permits are limited to 2 per household and not to everyone in the household (who has a car). 

The Mayor’s response sounded disappointed that the Grobes don’t realize other communities in other cities have to pay for parking permits and the purpose is in response to neighborhood complaints about people parking in Nova Vista from the hospital. 

The Mayor directed the Grobes to the head of the Parking Authority and gave them City Hall’s main phone number to call for the receptionist to connect the Grobes to the head of the Parking Authority. (I guess the Parking Authority don’t have a direct phone number yet). 

And that’s the way things go with parking permits in Chester.