Why make a doughnut if no one is around to buy it? That’s the philosophy of Rick Wilcox of Phatso’s Bakery who closed his shop for a few months until folks came back to work and the Septa bus drivers were back to munch on a Boston Cream at the long traffic light at 7th & Welsh.


Although the bakery was closed, Rick and crew took the time to rearrange the interior layout. The wall display is on a new wall and 2 new display cases are in a L-shaped configuration offering the perception of a larger space to take your turn picking out the goodies going into your little white bag, or box if you’re a real baller buying a dozen or more. While you wait, there’s a newer bigger TV to enhance the shopping experience. 


Beware, there is a slight pandemic price increase and the floor is marked for proper social distancing. Don’t be surprised if you may have to stand outside for a moment as the permitted number of in-store shoppers is limited.

609 Welsh Street, Chester, PA is still the only place in America you have to set your alarm clock to ensure you get a glazed donut because once they’re gone, they’re gone.