Once again, I’m baffled at the COVID-19 testing locations someone is coming up with in Delaware County. 

My fuzzy logic assumes resources must be delivered to the most affected citizens, yet, once again, Chester with their 641 COVID-19 cases do not have the attention of  government health officials, but Prospect Park with their 117 COVID-19 case does. 

Chester has had 2-public testing events in the last 4-months and Prospect Park will have 3 in 3-days. WTF!

Even if the 3-days of testing were split with Prospect Park getting one day and Chester getting 2-days of testing makes more sense than what these folks have come up with. 

It’s becoming crystal clear that Chester City has no pull, juice, agency, clout, respect, leadership, direction, or concern…you pick a word that applies. Please prove me wrong if you can! It’s really embarrassing and a complete display of disrespect to the citizens of Chester who struggle on so many levels without COVID added to the mix.

Someone stated that Chester folks must be getting tested somehow because the case count is rising like crazy. My guess is the people who are getting tested are sick or have health insurance. Imagine what the actual count would be if all those Chester folks hanging around the sick people in their community (or household) without health insurance or transportation could get a test.

The Delaware County Health Department, Chester County Health Department, and the City of Chester Bureau of Health should all be ashamed and required to provide an answer for their blatant avoidance of public test days in Chester with its large case count and population proven to be the most vulnerable to the worse of what COVID-19 can do. Somebody call Kamala so we can have a hearing. 

If you can get to Prospect Park…

Delaware County will offer drive-thru and walk-up COVID-19 testing for residents on Aug. 18, 19 and 20 at Interboro High School. 

Testing is open to all residents and individuals who work in Delaware County. Critical and essential workforce — including first responders, health care system employees, grocery workers — and those at higher risk, including residents over the age of 65 and those with pre-existing health conditions, will be given priority.

Testing is available for both insured and uninsured residents. There are no out-of-pocket expenses or copays for those with health insurance. 

Residents are asked to pre-register online at www. chesco.org/4562/delco-testing or by phone at 610-891-6129. Walk-up testing will also be available. In the event of inclement weather, testing may be canceled.

For more information on testing and an interactive map with dozens of COVID-19 test sites in Delaware County, visit www. delcopa.gov/testing. Additional public COVID-19 testing sites in Delaware County will be added and announced in the coming weeks – (Announce Chester, please. You really don’t have a schedule beyond one week at a time?)

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