I know you’re busy so let’s get right to what matters: 

Complete your Census here https://2020census.gov/en/ways-to-respond.html.

The deadline is Sept. 30. 

The End.

If you’ve got a moment, you may be interested in knowing the U.S. Census Bureau began Door-to-Door visits in Delaware County this week to thousands of homes that have not yet responded to the census.

Chester City is considered a ‘hard-to-reach’ area.

If you don’t want strangers knocking on your door, go back to the top of this post and complete your Census. 

According to the Delaware County Daily Times, while Delaware County’s Census self-response rate stands at 69.2%.  Individual municipalities range from a low of 44.3% in the City of Chester to a high of 87.2% in Rose Valley just 4 miles away.

44.3% would be a F- if schools were still open.

Here’s how the rest of our neighbors are doing:

  • 84.8% in Springfield 
  • 83.3% in Nether Providence 
  • 80.6% in Swarthmore 
  • 79.6% in Aston
  • 78.3% in Brookhaven 
  • 71% in Media 

Imma give you 3-guesses where a large chunk of money won’t be going with a 44.3% response rate to the Census.

Here’s a few programs that rely on census numbers to guide funds to your city:

  • Title I Grants to Local Education Agencies, which provide financial assistance to schools and school districts with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families to help ensure that all children meet state academic standards;
  • Community Development Block Grants Entitlement Program, which provides annual grants to Chester to help provide decent housing and suitable living conditions, and to expand economic opportunities, primarily for people with low and moderate income
  • Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act Programs for Dislocated Workers, Adults, and Youths, which provide financial support for employment and training services including job searching, career counseling, placement assistance, and relocation assistance for three separate target groups: dislocated workers (those terminated or laid off and unlikely to return to previous industry), adults, and youths.