Dumpsters will be placed at various spots across the city during the next couple weekends.

I guess there will be clean-up activities going on around those dumpsters to be announced later.

I’m a tad confused that one line says ‘Chester Residents & Business Owners’ but also says ‘No Commercial businesses or contractors allowed to used the dumpsters.’

If you live nearby and have bags of trash you need to get rid of, here’s your opportunity to get them to the dumpster in your area.

Not many people can lug bulk trash without the help of some muscle or a truck. If someone has a small pickup truck, it would be wise to start soliciting neighbors in the dumpster neighborhoods to see if they need help getting their bulk items to the dumpsters. Just don’t come across that you’re a business and you should be alright.

city clean up

A collaboration between the city of Chester, the Chester Environmental Partnership (CEP), Covanta Industry, J & K Trash Removal and Delcora will bring a Citywide Clean-up initiative to our community.

Residents and business owners are encouraged to clean and help beautify our city by using these dumpsters to remove trash. The dumpsters will be placed in various locations throughout the city beginning Thursday – August 20, 2020.

 No commercial businesses or contractors allowed to use dumpsters
 No large appliances or furniture (ex: refrigerators, washers, sofas, etc.)
 Do NOT overfill or place trash outside of the dumpsters

Date: August 20 – 24 & August 27 – 31

Dumpster Locations:
August 20 – 24

• 12th & Culhane
• 8th & Lloyd
• W. Townsend St. (2300 Block)
• Between 21st & 22nd of Crozer St.
• Martin Luther King Homes
• 13th & Keystone Road

August 27 – 31
• Sun Village
• Chester Park
• 9th & McDowell
• 23rd & Upland
• Sun Hill
• Melrose & Irvington