Thanks goes out to the reader who sent me this update to a blog post from January because none of the local news outlets reported on it.

Normally this wouldn’t have been a story I’d write about but I was disturbed at the coverage it got. My problem was how the criminal was approached by detectives in June 2017 but wasn’t arrested until January 2020 leading me to believe the abuse went on the entire time in-between.

Sometimes crimes take a little while to flesh themselves out with all the evidence gathering and stuff, but this case is much different.

This is the case of a Delaware County Children’s and Youth Services (CYS) worker who was accused of soliciting one of her clients to join a prostitution ring to make money and get her children out of foster care. At the time, I wasn’t sure if soliciting meant she was approached to join a prostitution ring or if she was being solicited as a prostitute. The story wasn’t clear.

According to the Villanova Law Institute to address Commercial Sexual Exploitation website, the Children’s and Youth Services pimp was finally arraigned last week.

The affidavit of probable cause alleges that Ms. Talley, while working as a case manager, recruited the mothers of her clients to work for pimp-controlled prostitution rings in the Philadelphia area. She allegedly promised to assist in returning children from foster care, ensure negative drug tests, and promised other positive custody determinations to coerce vulnerable mothers to engage in commercial sex for her ultimate profit.

So, there were more than a few mothers involved and not just the mother who complained back in 2017 because…

Talley’s network allegedly included 2,000 sex buyers and a third-party who kept 50% of the money paid to the prostituted women. She received 25% of the “profit” in exchange for her alleged recruitment and transportation.

The report goes on to say…

It is unfortunate that the charges which specifically target Talley’s abuse of power were dismissed at the lower court, particularly considering the recent calls for police and law enforcement accountability nationwide.

So far, it looks like this lady will be taking the heat for everyone involved…

At this point it is unclear whether the third-party involved in Talley’s trafficking ring or any of the 2,000 alleged sex buyers will be prosecuted for their role in this exploitation.