There was a time when an entire 30-minute news show was nothing but coronavirus/Covid coverage, and that was when there were less new cases and deaths than there are today. The President of the United States used to come on daily to talk coronavirus until he suggested drinking bleach was a cure. He’s back doing daily updates but with a lot less viewers. Cities used to have daily briefings which later turned to weekly briefings until they gave up on briefings all together.

Even the County COVID-19 stats went from daily updates to every-now-and-then. I noticed they stoped doing weekend updates a while ago. The image I used on a post on Thursday, July 30 has the exact same Delaware County count as of 2:00pm on Monday, August 3.

Obviously, coronavirus fatigue is real for people keeping count and providing updates on community response.

Maybe that’s the plan.

Can you tell which map is from Thursday and which is from today?