It’s been a slow weekend for content so I thought I’d grab a few things from the rumor bin to give you something to chew on.

We’ll proceed with the most likely rumor to the least vetted rumor.

#1. Chester Matters Blog is moving

Rumor has it…The publisher of the Chester Matters Blog is tired of blogging on WordPress and disgusted with Facebook. He’s likely going to move with a small team of writers to an exciting new electronic newsletter platform very soon. I hear the name of the newsletter will be  ‘Smart Black Opinions.’ Chester content will still be created but the bulk of writing is intended for a much broader audience. 

#2. Delaware County Department of Elections is moving to Chester

Rumor has it…Media Borough is closing in on itself with the crowds and the people who handle the election process may be moving to the Wharf Building in Chester soon. In this upcoming election where their could be as many as 100,000 mail-in ballots, they need more room to count all that paper. They don’t have a large staff but they are growing a few new jobs that maybe a few Chester folks will get lucky.

#3. Huge voter registration drive about to kick off this summer in Chester

Rumor has it…A Chester organization plans on conducting multiple voter registration drives in Chester which will likely include the ability to request mail-in ballots at the same time. More on that as details get worked out. 

#4. There’s always City Hall rumors

And the most unvetted rumor has to do with a shake up among the Chief Financial Officer and possibly City Council. What’s not a rumor is the Deputy Chief Financial Officer has only been required to work 10-hours a week for a little while now, so maybe the whole Financial Officer role is going away with Receivership. Who knows?