by Ulysses Slaughter

Some of our African visitors openly admitted that they were concerned with coming to Chester in July 2019. As part of The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Program, they were visiting Chester Made leadership and had heard rumors about Chester City’s violence. They had read about Chester’s poverty. And as their bus moved toward Brothers Restaurant in Overtown Chester, they observed enough neighborhood blight that their concerns seemed more than justified.

As a consultant to Chester Made, I stood with my friends Devon Walls, Kenny Hunt and Aaliyah Alamin and had the honor of greeting the 25 young African leaders when they arrived at 5th and Edgmont. They were from African countries like Cabo Verde, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Ghana. They were anxious and thousands of miles from home. It didn’t take long, however, for them to see they were in good hands and more like us than unlike us.

Over the course of four hours, we sang, danced, painted and laughed big laughs with our African visitors. Yes, we had some of the same dance moves, the same jokes and even some of the same fears. Eventually our day came to an end. The Africans boarded their bus and we got back to work.

It’s been a year since the African group departed Chester. I still remember our lunch. I still remember our laughter. I still remember their fears about being in Chester. I am not in Africa now. I’ve never been. I have no plans to go soon. But today I am worried about the 25 Africans I met in July 2019.

Something sinister is brewing on that continent.

What some call a pandemic and others call a “plandemic,” seems to have paved the way for a new clever form of slavery across Africa. A non-African company called GAVI is promoting a vaccine program for Africans.

I wish I could write those words and drop a mic but that won’t be enough for most people. I wouldn’t be dropping the mic to illustrate that I’ve said enough and there’s nothing else to say so I’m moving on. If I dropped the mic after saying “vaccine program for Africans” it would be an act intended to sound an alarm. How do non-Africans justify going into Africa injecting African people with anything? Could Africans decide go into Europe and inject Europeans?

If you’re not the kind of person who really studies, you should stay out of conversations with people who do study. If you’re the kind of person who thinks celebrity scientists and lifetime politicians are honest, I recommend you read ‘Medical Apartheid’ by Harriet Washington. Your perspective will be changed in about four pages.

A little bit of reading – just a little bit of reading – would reveal to you that Africans, their homes and their resources have been under attack for a very long time. Yeah, since before slavery. Do-gooder non-African companies talking about giving vaccines to Africans is a big reason for concern. A little bit of reading. A little bit of research. Oh…but that little bit of reading for many people could cause a head explosion. Reading is so painful. Study is so painful. It requires discipline. Most of us would rather just do what we are told. Like slaves.

It seems that GAVI wants to inject Africans with vaccines and connect their vaccine schedule to a MasterCard account. Want some money on your card? Get a vaccine. Is that ethical? Who cares. It’s been done before. People who read know it’s been done before. People who don’t read say childish things like “conspiracy theory.” Read.

I wonder how the 25 Mandela Washington Fellows are doing today in their respective African countries. I wonder if Chester is more appealing to them a year later. Would they rather be here in Chester?

Soon, it may not matter where you are on the planet. Want some money to pay your bills? Money to feed your family? Need a job? Get your vaccine or else…

One more thing: study so you will know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. My grandmother used to say “everybody has two holes that produce poop.”
You can actually prevent poop from coming out of one of your two holes. Study.

Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter is a writer, film maker and reconciliation strategist. He recently led a successful campaign to have The City of Philadelphia offer an official apology for the Philadelphia MOVE bombing of 1985. He is a veteran of the US Navy, graduate of Chicago’s Quigley Seminary South and graduate of Lincoln University. His book Why Our Children Hate Us: How Black Adults Betray Black Children has been relaunched and is available at Learn more about his work at

Ulysses Slaughter