I hate using Facebook as a source for a story because posts and comments are so cryptic and incomplete and I always feel something happened before I become aware of what happened.  

From what I gather, Cory Long identified trash being dumped at the Benjamin Banneker apartment complex. Rocky Brown got involved somehow and someone hired a truck with a few men to clean up the site.

A day after the clean up, the dumpers had returned to fill up the 2 dumpsters which is where I caught up to the story on Lamont Harris’ Facebook post. Comments range from, ‘that is unbelievable and despicable,’ to ‘We are working on them getting more dumpsters.’

I usually stay outta people’s Facebook business when I know I don’t know all of what’s going on, but I did chime in on this one with this comment…

How can we be home to the country’s largest trash incinerator where hundreds of trucks bring trash daily and there’s no facility for people to fill dumpsters right on the incinerated site. Trash is their fuel. No excuse for that not to be happening. Folks need to dump at Covanta.

Covanta has no problem coming to the City of Chester asking permission to upgrade their property to accept trash coming from New York to Wilmington before arriving in Chester. But, to my knowledge, Chester City never asked Covanta if they could set up one of those trucks for Chester folks to bring our trash down there.

How difficult would it be for us to drive to Front and Harwick to drop off some trashbags, or boxes, or whatever else arrives in those 400 trucks everyday. 

All they have to do is put one of those empty open-top trailers with the netting that hardly keeps trash from littering our streets every day and make it available for us to throw our trash into until it fills. Covanta would then hitch a tractor, drive it 100-yards to the tipping floor, and bring back the empty trailer for us to bring them more trash. 

Since that doesn’t happen, we’re left with folks dumping trash all around the city making it nearly impossible to clean up with any expediency. 

Trash is Covanta’s fuel. They need all the trash they can get to make the little bit of energy they generate that brings in their money.

There’s no excuse for there to be a single candy wrapper on the street when you have the country’s largest trash incinerator in your back yard. 

Could the City of Chester do a better job managing bulk trash removal if they charged $25 a pickup? I don’t know how they get away with doing it for free when a private hauler would charge at least $100 for the minimum the City of Chester takes away for free.

But, the price you pay for free is never knowing when your bulk trash is going to get picked up leaving us with piles of trash all around the city – when the country’s largest trash incinerator is right down the street. 

If the incinerator in Chester can’t burn Chester trash, shut it down. 

I clearly don’t understand! Forgive my ignorance.