I’ve bent a few ears with my gripe of not knowing any Chester police officers. As a kid they were my neighbors and family members. As I got older they were my playmates and classmates. Now, they’ve all retired and I’m left not knowing any Chester police officers personally (okay, maybe one). 

The last few hires of Chester police officers have all been white guys who didn’t grow up in Chester. I’ve suggested to several folks that it would be great to know who they are. 

My recommendation was to have all the officers and top brass put their headshot, name, years on the force, position, and area a speciality in a year book sort of layout on the new Chester police app. I got a few ‘good idea’ responses but no results. 

Today’s Delaware County Daily Times announces an effort for several Delaware County police forces to participate in police officers going on trading cards. Trading cards are attractive to children who should also know the police officers serving their community but I doubt if all the kids will receive the entire deck of trading cards from their police force.

Hopefully, those trading card images will also live online or on the app so us adults can associate a name with a face when we run into police officers on the job. That is the intent, right?