I’m not sure how many families make up the student body of the Chester-Upland School District, but 320 of them completed the ‘Family School Opening Survey.’ Faculty and Staff took a ‘Return to Work Survey’ with 243 responses. 

The Receiver votes on the Health and Safety Plan during the Receiver’s Special Meeting with the Public on Tuesday, July 28, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. and I’m pretty sure decisions will be made from the result of the survey. 

Here’s a few survey highlights:

  • 46% of parents prefer total remote learning and 31% prefer a mix of remote and in-person learning.
  • 55% of parents will not send their children to school for in-person classes if the school building reopen.
  • 55% are not comfortable with their child wearing a mask all day in class.
  • 84% are comfortable with their child receiving daily health monitoring in school.
  • If school reopens 47% of the parents will bring them to school; 33% of the children will be staying home; 10% will walk and 9% will catch a school bus. 

Families explained their feedback and input regarding school reopening:

  • No air conditioning in the school buildings.
  • Difficulty keeping masks on children all day.
  • Many children have underlying health conditions, such as asthma.
  • Concerns about family members who are elderly and/or have underlying health conditions.
  • The number of positive coronavirus cases is rising.
  • Classrooms should have fewer students to allow for more social distancing.

The big takeaway from the teacher/staff survey was 91% say they’d come back to school if their building reopened. 

See the entire survey HERE