The Philadelphia Inquirer reports…

Seventy percent of the country’s most environmentally contaminated sites, including some in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, are within one mile of federally assisted housing…

Did you know one of the very first Superfund cleanups occurred on Front and Flower Streets in Chester? Some even attribute the 1978 fire at the Eastern Rubber Reclaiming Company as the event that got the EPA moving to get approval for the Superfund.

Did you also know, it took 9-years for the clean up to begin at Eastern Rubber Reclaiming Co. The Superfund timeline for this site goes like this: proposed December 1982; listed September 1983; construction complete June 1988; taken off the list March 1989.

We’re fast approaching 40-years of Superfund sites and not surprisingly, many of them are right near public housing developments.

If there was any proof that environmental racism is real, here it is.

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