Once again I found myself hanging out with our neighbors in Swarthmore. This time my destination was the beautiful Umoja Park where a Black Lives Matter event took place this morning.


I counted nearly 100 people gathered to listen to the speakers and most participated in the march afterwards.

After a welcome, there was a history lesson on Ida B. Wells followed by a Strath Haven High School student who explained the petition to create and include a black history course at the school and make it a requirement for graduation. There was the 8-minute kneel while listening to the Chester Children’s Chorus’ ‘I Can’t Breath’ song followed by a couple poems.

Then we heard from Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon who spoke on her relationship with Congressman John Lewis followed by State Senator and former Swarthmore Mayor Tim Kearney offer his perspective on how the Swarthmore community should respond to racial injustice.

Senator Tim and Congresswoman Mary Gay being prepped

Then they got to marching.