If you missed the three day COVID-19 testing event in Yeadon last week on July 9, 10, 11, or the one this week in Darby on July 14, 15, 16, you can make up for it in Yeadon next week on July 21 and 23.

Chester (481) has more COVID-19 cases than both Darby (362) and Yeadon (438) but has had a total of two testing dates (May 12 & June 28). 

Maybe we’re employing the Trumpian logic that less testing brings less positive cases to the city. How else can you explain how the municipality with the 3rd most COVID-19 cases in the county can’t get free public testing at least once a month (assuming they’ll be none in July since none has been announced to date).

The Daily Times wrote on the June 28th Chester testing…

This event was the first of three COVID-19 testing initiatives that the health board will facilitate in Chester.

Maybe they’re holding out for the 2nd wave.