There’s nothing cooler on a hot day than to grab a freshly made beer from the tap and sit outside under a tarp and feel the refreshing breeze from the Delaware River among friends and strangers.

All that ended yesterday at the Larimer Beer Company brewery in Chester with Governor Wolf’s new statewide restrictions on bars and restaurants. Fortunately Larimer won’t have to close as you can still pre-order and pick up as was the case in the first 3-months of the pandemic, but they’ll be no more single servings and having a seat out front because the Governor said so.

The only way outdoor seating could remain in place at Larimer is for there to be a food purchase with your craft beer(s). Since Larimer isn’t licensed to offer food, prepackage meals is out and the food truck concept won’t work because the food truck would have to ring up the sale. 

As I was reading the Governor’s order in today’s paper, the response from the republican lawmakers was a tad surprising. The statement I empathize with is…

“Gov. Wolf’s decision today will close the doors of some small businesses forever and devastate the livelihoods of so many Pennsylvanians who were just beginning to feel hopeful for the future.”

But, doesn’t he go a bit too far here…

Republican lawmakers have staunchly opposed most of Wolf’s restrictions since mid-April and accused him of behaving like a dictator, abusing his power and failing to consult lawmakers on his plans. “The irreversible impact of his countless, confusing orders cannot be overstated,” says House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, R-Centre.

Dictator? Abusing power? Failing to consult ‘you’ lawmakers when he probably knows you wouldn’t agree or compromise?

Almost everyday there’s someone pointing the accusatory finger at Washington, D.C. for the country’s poor response to the coronavirus. Didn’t the president insist governors come up with their own plan to deal with the pandemic in their state’s? From what I gather, whether you like it or not, Gov. Wolf is doing what the president told him to do – make decisions.

The way I understand government to work, if there was a city or county ordinance that said Larimer could continue to allow outside seating it could still happen. Nobody wants to fight the governor at this juncture – unless you’re a Pennsylvania State legislator.