Nearly 50 years ago, a group of activists broke into FBI headquarters in Media, PA and uncovered documents related to the agency’s infamous Counter Intelligence Program. Major goals of the government-funded “COINTELPRO” operation focused on discrediting influential Black leaders like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a graduate of Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania. Additionally, through COINTELPRO, the FBI sought to infiltrate and destroy civil rights groups, discourage donors from supporting movements and use media to spread misinformation.

Use “media…?”

Yes, use media. In Media? Maybe. Why not?

The endgame for well-resourced crooks is ALWAYS total control of everyone, everything and everywhere. COINTELPRO was in many ways a fledgling world domination operation. Crooks are much more sophisticated today and their victims much more lazy and naive. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once affectionately called these apathetic and uneducated masses “useless eaters.”

Anyone who cared to know would know that the bounds of history’s highest crimes are boundless. People have done, will do and are doing some amazing evil all the time. Smiling politicians, benevolent businessmen and holy holy women are planning ungodly things all of the time. Let’s not pretend we don’t know politicians are liars. They gain power when we believe they’re honest.

If it were not for some courageous bunch of amateur Media Borough burglars, we would know nothing of the vast efforts to destabilize minds, movements and even marriages dedicated to “the struggle.” Were it not for a few “fed up” folks in Media, PA we would have no idea that our own government permitted liars to spread lies and destroy lives through COINTELPRO.

No one in Media, Pennsylvania should ever allow the childish phrase “conspiracy theory” to emerge from their esophagus and slip recklessly from their lips. In fact, Media folks should be quick to develop and advocate conspiracy queries.

The Media COINTELPRO heist came on March 8, 1971 while many around the world had their brain sponges aimed at televisions broadcasting the Ali-Frazier heavyweight boxing bout. Today’s brain sponges are soaked with cell phone data. There were no cell phones back then, thank God, because these burglar-citizens would have been wearing tracking devices that would have blown their covers immediately. By the way…you do know you’re being tracked with that thing, right…?

Anyway, I’m going to close here and do a sloppy wrap up on my way out. It took a lot of courage for those plain folk to break into the FBI headquarters in Media almost 50 years ago. They knew something was fishy. Something didn’t smell right. (They weren’t wearing surgical masks so they could actually smell the fish…) They broke into FBI headquarters, discovered and confirmed what so many people suspected: THIS GOVERNMENT IS SPYING ON US AND LYING TO US. But unfortunately, knowing the truth about high crime doesn’t mean you’re going to speak up about and against high crime. Truth and courage don’t have to be combined. Dr. King combined the two and was gifted his death.

Back on March 8, 1971, the band of citizens only had to break into one office in Media to discover the horrible truth of COINTELPRO. Today they would have to break into every home in Media and convince the occupants that their government is lying. And – keeping their social distance – their explanation would have to wait until the occupants are done drinking wine and binging on whatever television show they’re watching.

Has COINTELPRO ended? Only in name. And it’s all grown up today. No longer a fledgling operation. It’s a “big boy” now, traveling the world and raising a family.

Share this with friends who lives in Media, Liverpool, New York, Chester, Wuhan or wherever. We’re all facing a Media moment now. Any burglars out there?

Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter is a writer, film maker and reconciliation strategist. He recently led a successful campaign to have The City of Philadelphia offer an official apology for the MOVE bombing of 1985. He is a veteran of the US Navy, graduate of Chicago’s Quigley Seminary South and graduate of Lincoln University. His book Why Our Children Hate Us: How Black Adults Betray Black Children has been republished and is available at More about his products and services is available at

Publishers Note: If you need any proof of what Mr. Slaughter writes is true, here’s a couple Delaware County Daily Times links about the break in, the book about the break in, and the historical marker placed at its site of the break in.