The Chester Community Charter School (CCCS) was granted Paycheck Protection Program loans according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Area charter schools granted loans between $5 million and $10 million included … Chester Community Charter, the state’s largest brick-and-mortar charter.

Max Tribble, spokesperson for CSMI — a company that manages Chester Community Charter and also received a federal loan — said the school had “a very real concern as to whether it would receive payment from the Chester Upland School District” during the pandemic. He said the district recently failed to make a payment on time, and later did so only “in the face of threatened litigation.”

The article says the Chester Upland School District and the Philadelphia School District did pay CCCS and called the process…“A new approach to double dipping.”

The money couldn’t come at a better time for CCCS who is looking to partner with someone to open a new school in Chester and will probably bid on some of the existing schools now available thanks to the judge’s ruling that recommends the school district sell off anything not nailed down if it will help relieve their financial burden. 

What do you think CCCS should do with $5-$10 million new dollars?