CHESTER, PA July 7, 2020 —  Chester Upland Youth Soccer will distribute 1,000 “Active Summer Fun Kits” to the children of greater Chester today from 10:00AM-12:30PM at Chester High School’s school food “grab and go.”

“Especially after all the hardship and disappointments brought about by COVID-19, the delivery of fun summer toys will make this a much happier summer for our children,” commented Claudia Avarette of Chester Upland School District.

Each Active Summer Fun Kit includes balls, beanbags, a jumprope, a variety of flying toys and an instruction sheet aiming to inspire the kids to make obstacle courses, learn to juggle, improve their soccer skills and otherwise use the toys to stay active and healthy while maintaining important social distance. The sheet also encourages them to visit for other productive activities including free live Zoom sessions with Soccer for Success coach-mentors.

The Active Summer Fun Kits being given out in Chester are housed in backpacks featuring the slogan “C-Pride has V-Pryde: Violence Prevention, Recreation, Youth Development and Engagement,” in support of a new community initiative led by Cory Long of Making a Change.

The kits were funded by grants from The Community’s Foundation (via the Delco Coronavirus Response Fund and Eddystone Youth Fund) and The Foundation for Delaware County. Tennis balls were donated by Bryn Mawr College, Swarthmore College and members of the community.