Now that COVID-19 is back in the news, I figured it was time for a new update on how Chester City is managing in these pandemic times.

According to the County’s website, Chester City is firmly in 3rd position among municipalities in the county.

Back on June 16, Chester overtook Yeadon for the #3 spot after Yeadon had been nearly 100-cases ahead of Chester early in the crisis. As I anticipated, Chester’s curve continued to rise later and longer than the rest of the county.

Since June 16, Chester has nearly doubled Yeadon’s newly confirmed COVID-19 cases as Chester recorded 27 new cases (442) vs Yeadon’s 14 new cases (427). Only #1 Upper Darby (155 new cases) and #2 Middletown (50 new cases) outpaced Chester City since June 16.

The best source for local COVID-19 testing is from the County site HERE.

ChesPenn Health Services in Chester is offering testing thru July 14. I believe you can ignore the line near the bottom of their webpage that says…Please be advised: Testing for COVID-19 is not available at ChesPenn Health Services.

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