For the many folks who saw the post on the ‘Chester Pride‘ basketball movie, no one has suggested a venue in Chester to show the movie as the filmmaker has requested.

I was counting on you guys to tell him where you want to view the movie and have a Q&A session to offer your feedback.

Maybe y’all missed that line in the post asking for your suggestions. Maybe y’all don’t want to see it. Maybe y’all don’t think he’s serious about showing it to you.

To get the ball rolling, I’ll suggest a few places. You can still suggest other spots.

  1. Chester High School auditorium
  2. MJ Freed Theater
  3. Widener University Alumni Auditorium
  4. Larimer Beer Company
  5. Chester Park bandshell outside
  6. Subaru Park

Pick a place, or if you don’t want to see it, let him know.